Coffee, Rain and Hot China

Coffee, Rain and Hot China

I think it’s fair to say that I’m terrible at committing to things. Especially keeping this darn blog going!

For our family and friends back at home, here’s a quick round up of what’s currently going on in China. It’s at least 32 degrees Celsius, yet I look outside and see people running with tiny shorts and flip flops in the pissing rain. That’s right, rainy season is upon us! Apparently it should have been lashing it down the whole of June but it turns out we were lucky. It’s decided to make an appearance in July and brought a lovely duvet of humid heat along with it!

Seriously, I’m freezing my buttocks off in the Starbucks across from my school yet as soon as you step outside, every single sweat pore you posses opens like a display of fountains from parts of your body that you didn’t think could sweat. Interpret that anyway you like…

Air-con becomes your best friend during the Shanghainese Summer. The heat is just unbearable! If it were a ‘dry’ heat we’d have coped, but this humidity is something else completely. To be honest, I don’t want to complain. My Mum is freezing back at home in the UK (sorry mama, love you….get yourself a blanket) whilst I walk around in sandals and shorts.

With this heat comes perfect days out in the sun (and of course the pollution, but we’ll ignore that). Everyday gives us more opportunity to explore around Shanghai, especially the French Concession. The amount of times we’ve stumbled upon the must quintessentially European building, cafe, restaurant and more is too many to count on two hands. One thing I have to say it….the Chinese have an incredible eye for design and fashion.

Each shop window is carefully designed, even to the smallest of details like the doorstop. There is an area called Tianzifang, just off Dapuqiao metro station (Line 9, exit 1). The tiniest and most beautiful of boutiques, bars and restaurants can be found amongst an array of arts and crafts stalls filling the residential area (yes…people live in this beauty spot!). I’ve walked into many boutiques only to stay there for 30-60 mins just oogling at the intricate details in every corner of the room.

The food….oh my word the food here is brilliant (as mentioned before in an older post of mine). Ignoring the vast amounts of pickled chicken feet, duck necks, and freshly hanging pig faces that are widely available and joyously consumed by everyone here, I would say it’s one of the main factors we’ll miss when we head home.

  • Side note here, I’ve just walked from the mall to school again and as I was leaving a song which possessed only the most sincerest of questions in the politest of ways, especially in a family mall, played loudly through the speakers “why do you still f***k me like a robot”…..lovely. This is only one of a million beautiful moments I’ve experienced here in China!

So, the work day is nearly over thank heavens. Which means we can look forward to walking home in the piddling rain. Nevertheless, it was a day spent with beautiful people and the cutest of children. Never would I have imagined that a one (or six) years ago today, when I was cheering about purchasing 42 books for only £2.40, I’d be sitting in a classroom on the other side of the world….

Check out this geek….

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