Beautiful Lashes by Esthète Paris

Beautiful Lashes by Esthète Paris

So I finally took the plunge and tried out a lash curling and lengthening treatment, and I wasn’t disappointed…

The Treatment – YumiEyelash Lift

  • Price: 750RMB
  • Time: 60 to 90 mins
  • Lasts between 6 and 12 weeks
  • Pain rating: 0, it’s totally painless
  • What will it achieve? Beautiful, naturally curled, conditioned and darkened lashes that leave you feeling fabulous every day and saves at least 5-10 mins in the morning. It’s waterproof (tried and tested even in the ocean by yours truly), panda-eye proof and definitely adds that extra hint of “oomph” when you add one layer of mascara.


The After Treatment –4XMore Lash Serum

  • Price: 500RMB
  • Lasts for 3 months if used twice a day
  • Pain rating: 0
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • FDA Approved
  • Result: Fuller eyelashes both new and old, lengthened to your desire

My Story

I’ve always been nervous about anything or anyone touching lashes and brows but myself. When I was younger I somehow developed the strange habit of pulling out my eyelashes as I sat bored to death during rambling English Literature classes about Shakespeare. Thankfully they all grew back!

It was only recently that I decided to invest in myself a little more, instead of looking for the cheap options. Avoiding not only possible cock-ups or unexplainable rashes in questionable places (the struggle is real ladies) but also my sense of unease, especially living in China where things tend to start with a question of uncertainty. At least for me, it does.

One year after living in Shanghai, we were graced with the arrival of Ema and her studio, Esthète Paris. Not only did she offer a service that was incredibly high-standard but also the know-how, confidence, and experience that I was looking for in a technical beautician. Not long after, Ema conquered my brows and expertly reshaped them into the most perfectly plucked arches one could ever imagine.

It took over an hour and lots of precise plucking of each singular hair, one by one. This is what listening to celebs on YouTube saying “You should brush your brows up and trim them above the arch to shape them…” My advice and definitely Ema’s advice: DON’T! Lesson learned and up to this day, my brows still dance happily above my newly curled lashes.

The YumiEyelash Lift

Countdown to the Summer Holidays, I knew that the last thing I’d want was to be wearing mascara and coming out of the ocean looking like a panda. Esthète Paris were advertising the answer to all my worries, the LashLift.

Having explained the process of the LashLift, Ema proceeded to gently and carefully fix my eyelashes on a silicone layer under my eyes with a water-based glue. Following this, she created bend/curl that ranged from easy/natural to extreme.

Next came, what I would call, the keratin for the lashes. By brushing on a solution filled with vitamins and protein, Ema began to work on strengthening the lashes. With this solution came the pigment where the intensity could be chosen as per your preference. Anything to make these babies look fresh and awake!

A cooling eye mask was added and I was left to relax for 20 minutes or so. It felt like a delicious mini spa treatment, I nearly fell asleep. Once the time had passed, Ema finished the treatment by applying a nourishing oil to the lashes, only to be washed off 24 hours later. This helps to intensify and protect the treatment and help them last longer.

The Result?

Out-Of-This-Freaking-World-NATURAL-Lashes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My lashes were beautifully curled, lengthened and looked like they’d just had mascara applied to them. I was blown away and so ridiculously happy with the result.

It was so tempting to touch or wash my eyes, especially the morning after, but my desire for luscious lashes kept me going strong.

Final Thoughts

It’s been just over 6 weeks since the day of my treatment and I’m still finding myself looking in the mirror gawping at my lashes. The colour still remains but not as strong as the first few weeks and the curl has relaxed a little but it’s still looking fabulously natural.

I’ve only worn mascara on one or two occasions since. Yes, I’m a lover of the ol’ liquid eyeliner so wouldn’t give that up for the world, but being able to go on holiday, swim in the ocean and walk straight out of the door without putting any makeup up at all felt amazing and, have to say, liberating.

4XMore Lash Treatment

Seeing as I wanted to lengthen my lashes and grow new ones, Ema suggested trying a lash serum called 4XMore. It came in a simple 3ml bottle, small and perfect enough to pop in my handbag for traveling. 4XMore Lash Serum is 100% hypoallergenic making it 100% safe to use, even for the most sensitive eyes.

It’s suggested to use the serum twice a day if you want to start seeing results in as quick as 3-4 weeks, so naturally, I did! The serum was so easy to use and fits perfectly into my morning and evening routine.

The Routine

Every morning before applying ANY makeup, I brushed the serum onto the roots ofmy top and bottom lashes, just like I do with a mascara brush. This is important, don’t brush the serum through all your lashes as it won’t work, the roots are where it’s at!

The serum’s brush itself is like a mini wand so it’s a little strange at first but you get used to it pretty quick. Leave it to dry for a few minutes and apply eyeliner or mascara as usual. Luckily my lashes were looking lush after the YumiLashes treatment so I could skip that step all-together.

In the evening after removing all my makeup, I reapply the serum before heading to bed. Simple! Every day I took a photo to see the process, occasionally forgetting a day or two along the way, I was too busy chilling-out without a care in the world on a beach in Indonesia.

The Result?

Have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical at first. You see so many adverts, potions, products and more claiming to lengthen and grow your lashes and they almost always turn out a load of rubbish.

4XMore has really blown me away. Not only did I find my lashes lengthening, but they got thicker with new lashes! After my lash-plucking past I never thought I’d have a full set of fluttering (lashes)! Despite missing a day here or there, my eyelashes grew and thickened to a fabulous length.

Would I Recommend It?

Hell to the yeah. Don’t know about you but I love having thicker and longer lashes, day in day out. It’s the perfect complementing after-treatment following the YumiEyelash Lift.

Not only does it help keep your lashes strong and healthy throughout, but also give them that extra boost of length after 3 weeks. Both treatments were worth every single penny and have kept me satisfied with my lashes for over 6 weeks.

 Final Thoughts 

Would I recommend getting both treatments? One million percent YES! Do it! If you’ve never had a treatment on your lashes before, don’t go looking for the cheapest prices or deals. Invest in yourself.

You only have one set of eyes in your lifetime, so look after them. Treat them to a luscious lash lift at the hands of an incredible beauty expert, Ema at Esthète Paris. You won’t regret it.


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